Student FAQ

JoinIvy provides live tutoring to students in a virtual classroom over the Internet

Virtual classroom is an online technology specially designed for teaching. It includes various tools that are required for online teaching: whiteboard, presentation, slide share, online video, chat, etc.

  • Latest digital teaching technology
  • Personalized lesson plans using high-quality academic content
  • Highly qualified teachers, selected with rigorous selection process
  • Learning at your place and time
  • Affordable and convenient
  • Accessible with computers, mobile phones and tablets

JoinIvy believes in laying a strong learning foundation for future, sustained growth. Our teachers help the students understand the concept, and apply their understanding to answering a question or solving a problem. Our teachers handhold the students in their quest for academic excellence but they never take the short-cut and give the readymade answer to a problem.

All JoinIvy teachers go through rigorous selection process. They are all qualified in the subjects they teach, have teaching experience and go through an assessment test. They are background checked to ensure a safe learning environment.

We schedule lessons at your convenience. Just indicate your preferred day of the week and time of the day, and we will schedule a lesson accordingly.

Just go to user registration page. If the student is under 18 years of age we need the parent to register them, over 18 years student can register themselves.

Currently we offer English for school students till year 8 and xxx.

We are working on expanding our course coverage. Will keep you updated

Just go to course enrollment page, and select the course you are interested in and number of sessions you wish to take in a week. Also indicate your preferred days of the week, time of the day for learning. Once you complete the payment process, we will link you up with right teacher and send you a confirmation mail providing details like teacher name, lesson schedule, etc.

Based on the course you want to be taught and your preferred lesson time, we match you with the most suitable tutor for you.

We will endeavor to link you up with the same tutor throughout your academic year. In case of a tutor unavailability due to unforeseen circumstances we will link you with an equally good tutor. We record the lesson plans and the past lessons to ensure that the continuity in your learning is not disturbed.

If you are not happy with your tutor in your first lesson, we will provide you a replacement tutor with one free extra class to you.

On selecting the course, the number of sessions in a week and the number of weeks you wish to enroll for, you will see the payment amount and options. You can pay using your card on monthly & quarterly subscriptions.

Every session lasts for 40 minutes (plus 5 minutes for setting up & starting the session – in case of any technical issue).

Yes, all sessions are recorded and stored for 1 month. You can view them as many times, whenever you want any time.

Email to us on StudentCare@JoinIvy.com

Teacher FAQ

Virtual classroom is an online technology specially designed for live interactive teaching. It includes various tools that are required for online teaching: face-to-face video, chat, interactive whiteboard, presentation and document display, slide share, online video, quiz module, etc.

JoinIvy technology platform that facilitates online real-time teaching environment, doing away with the hassle of commuting. Our vast content library facilitates teachers in delivering high quality teaching materials for their students. We work hard to spread awareness of our platform, so that teachers can connect with a wider group of students. We also facilitate teacher-student learning journey by keeping in touch with parents and communicating parents’ expectations to the teachers.

Technology use is increasing in education; worldwide, blended-education is the order of the day. For teachers to stay relevant in the modern world, it is important to become familiar with using technology and to get trained in adapting teaching methodologies and lesson plans accordingly. JoinIvy hones this skill through practice and organized training. Teachers get opportunity to approach a subject more innovatively and in-depth during ‘master class’ options – they also get opportunity to reach a wider set of students and learn to adapt their teaching style to different cultures and expectations. These hold them in good stead for career moves as modern-day educationists.

JoinIvy charges fee to students for number of successful lessons delivered. It takes a certain percentage from the student fee – for technology, marketing, content, administration, etc. – and pays the balance to the teachers. JoinIvy also rewards its teachers for referrals of another teacher, student, content contribution and master classes. Teachers are paid on monthly basis by crediting their bank account.

Based on the age group of the student, the course she wants to be taught, the preferred lesson time and learning needs, we match each student with the most suitable tutor. In the first 2 free lessons, supervised by our module head, the teacher understands the learning needs of the child and decides if she is the right fit or a change to another teacher is needed.

During registration, both teachers and students are given a set of rules of behavior. They are also informed about terms and conditions. If a student complains about a teacher, JoinIvy investigates the matter and then either changes the teacher for the student or takes suitable action for future.